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Well, i've done quiet a bit of research on the amp placement in titans. It seems most people suggest putting them where your jack is located at others say anywhere on the backwall. Then I get people that say not to do that if you have an electronic sliding glass window in the back.

I know from experiance you don't want to put the amp on your box, there's way to much raddling on there no matter what you do to mount it.

You can't put them under either of the front seats because of the dual exaust. So i'm stuck with the unknown placement or being forced to put it where my jack is located at which isn't a bad idea, but would maybe like to see where other people are putting them at. BTW my amp is a ZX750.1 Kicker. Dunno if they well help anyone push me to another location or not, but i would sure like some input on what other people are doing for this issue.

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Underagedtitan said:
Mine's under the driver's seat. Will I have to move it with a/m exhaust?
Nothing has happened to my truck or amps yet so I think it's cool. Besides I like the cool looking blue light it gives off under my seats!!!!:upsidedow
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