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Amp Remote Turn-on?

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Anyone Know Of Where I Can Run My Remote Turn-on For My Amp? I Have A 07 Titan King Cab With Out The Rockford Fosgate 6-cd Changer. I Used The One Off The Cd Player But Then When I Turned On My Headlights The Would Turn Off For The Cd Player. I Have One Amp I Wanna Hook Up Just Need The Remote Turn On, Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
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You can run it from any hot wire that is on when the ign is on and off when the ign is off. Then the amp is on when your driving and it turns off when you shut the truck off.
Your installing a hi-low converter correct....If you are then tap a hot wire behind the deck when you add the hi-low converter. i did mine that way and has worked flawlweesly for several months now....good luck
No Just A Sony Amp With Output At 235 Watt To Both Channels
pogi69x said:
No Just A Sony Amp With Output At 235 Watt To Both Channels
How are you getting signal input for the amp?loc or speaker level?
The easiest thing to do is to use an LOC with a built in remote turn on. You can use an accessory wire as well. If you want the amp to turn on and off with the radio and not just the ignition you can through a relay on one of the speaker wires to power the amp.
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