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Amp/ Wiring help!!

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My stock speaker amp is going out it seems like, the rear speakers are almost inaudible even with fader turned all the way up and turning it up all the way. I've changed out the RF system with a few upgrades: Pioneer FHX-700BT headunit, Alpine type S 6x9 front and 6.5 rear, Kenwood 1000W amp, Kicker CompR. I pulled the stock sub out when i installed the headunit, but i left the stock wiring to the speakers and stock amp. The two side tweeters in the dash don't work(dont really care for them anyways they were ****ty) but the center console speaker does and i'd like to keep it if i could. This being said it seems i need a 5-channel amp right? but i can't seem to find one that has all 5 channels as speakers, one always seems to be a sub output. I plan on running new speaker wires and redoing the whole wiring soon, and figured itd be a good time to put a new speaker amp in too. Any suggestions/help/tips would be very helpful! I saw some of you talking about jumping the stock amp after install of aftermarket HU? would this help?

Sorry for being so long!! just don't want to mess anything up or do the wrong thing!!
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I would run all new wiring if your going add amplifiers and that center Speaker is garbage anyway. I frankly assumed it was just for the Bluetooth, but most head units aren't going to have an out for a center Speaker (it's going to be left or right). I don't know that they make a dual voice coil Speaker that small (that is the only way I know to not only play the 1 channel). There are others that maybe could speak more intelligently on that, as for jumping the factory amp (I would cut the speaker wires at the harness, although if there are no speakers hooked to the other end I guess it wouldn't matter). If you look at the back of your aftermarket deck it will have rca jacks for low level output for left, right, and sub (it may have front and rear too) they are the only Speaker connections you need to an amp. As a matter of fact when the deck is installed, I would only hook up power, ground, and the remote wire for amp (there will probably be a constant power wire too for clock and memory).
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I was reading the stock amp runs the speakers and sub in the RF system, so what do you mean by jumping it and cutting the wires at the harness? the harness of the HU or the amp?
I'm okay with ditching the center speaker, just thought it sounded better with it.
I'm planning on running new wiring, any suggestions on what gauge to use? stock gauge is a helluva lot bigger than the ones the speakers came with, also any tips on making the wiring easier?
I would use at least the gauge wire that was in the truck (the bigger the better really). What I was saying is just eliminate the amp. If it doesn't work anyway cut the harness that goes to it and maybe you can get an amp in its place? (Maybe just unplug it and remove it as i don't have a wiring diagram for it I don't know if any of those wires go to anything else). As for wiring I never ran new wires to the door speakers, but for my amp I ran the power wire through the grommet on the back of the cab (if you crawl under the truck and look at the back of the cab between bed and cab, there is a rubber grommet in there just push it out with your finger) there is one on each side just below the seats. I ran rca's through the door sills.
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