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And So the dragrace wars begin!!

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LOL finally a much awaited package arrives today.. Here are some pics and a video of me opening the package revealing the contents :)

watch this video:

Click here to watch A-suprise-arrives

aren't they beautiful??

(These tires will only be for the front of my truck, will use slicks or drag radials for rear) Here's a tire comparison of the much shorter 26" 225/45/18 @ 22lbs 48-52lbs lbs with the rims included.

the bigger tires are 31.5" 285/60/18's and the tires alone weigh in around 36lbs each and right at 68-74 lbs on the stock rims

Hopefully the smaller footprint will allow a better e/t and trap speed from reduced parasitic drag..

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Congrats man, long awaited day has arrived. Cant wait to hear and see your results from that cam.
what do the cams cost? what are the expected gains?
they cost me right at $1165.00 shipped to my door, they gave me a "club price of $1102.00

they supposedly retail for $1198.00 but i was able to coaxe them down by telling them i'd post my results of dyno/track data achieved by these for all to see on the internet :)
Chris, nice job of stepping up to the plate man, no talk all action!! There are just to many back seat drivers these days...the view never changes until you are the lead DAWG! Wishin U luck! Find someone reputable to put them in and geaux break my NA times damnit! I'll see ya in Houston this fall/winter...we gonna duke it out....loL!
awesome!!!!!!! best of luck to you!

Who's doing your install?
as of right now my friend in port arthur hopefully he only wants to charge me 200 bucks.. he's a master certified ase mechanic and has been doing engine rebuilds and building 10-12 second cars for over 20 yrs now, so i know he is definatly capable of it.. down side is he works weekends sometimes at his new job in the refinary.. and he said they are in a "shutdown phase " currently which means he will be working most likely 7 12 hr shifts till the unit is back up.. and i don;t know if i can wait 2-3 weeks for these cams to get installed, so i started calling around today and found out the dealership wanted 2k, i laughed at him called him a few choice cusswords and told him to get off the crack pipe and hung up..
Place where i first got tuned by uprev in austin said they could do it for 300-500 depending on ammount of hrs involved.. jim wolf tech said 4-6 hrs max..

i dunno really wanted my friend to do it so i could watch and learn sumthin new.. i doubt the guys at protech are gonna want me right there watchin the whole time taking pics, and videoing some stuff..
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Congrats Toomny! Damn sweet. Never a doubt you would be the first to jump on the cams. Hurry up! :haveredfl
Did I hear you say in the video you waited TWO YEARS??? Were these not available until recently??

*edit* nevermind. I just read the other thread about these.
Ok, so let me reply in the right post. LOL Have you checked around to any local import tuners? Since they deal with the DOHC motors more often? Actually i can believe the dealer quoted that much. I would feel safer walking into a shop sight unseen, rather than let any of those grease monkeys at the dealership do it. Congrats........please keep us posted on how things go.
So whats the update?, give us data and all that goodstuff.
Flippin Pips said:
So whats the update?, give us data and all that goodstuff.

The last I heard from the other site is that he had 60 miles on the cams and all is fine. They were in the middle of testing it from 4 to 6k ramping up. I can't wait to hear his thoughts on seat of the pants feel. Also to see the numbers on dyno with all of his mods now including the cams.
Watching that video reminded me of Christmas Day. Too much wrapping paper to many boxes, congrats and hope everything goes well. :cheers:
I'm very interested in seeing some results with those cams.
I believe some lifters where off like .01 really nothing to worry about as nothing is perfect. I really hope this is a answer for the 4K RPM fall off.
trust me it's the i can now cook my 22" 305 / 40 /22" nittos from a 20mph roll and stomping the gas, today twice in a row it set them into a smoking frenzy untill 40-45mph then pulled hard as hell all the way to 85mph without letting up.. the whole time it felt like i was in first gear the speedo didnt slow down at 55-60mph like it usually does..
Thats awesome your "The Pioneer" of Titan performance!
Wheres' the video!
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