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Angle or Tilt sensors

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Are you guys aware of any devices that measure angle or tilt? I have seen one before but I've never seen one that has a digital output to an LCD. Please provide links to some of these devices if they are available. Thanks.
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Do you mean something like an inclinometer? I know the old Toyota 4-Runners used to have them built in to the dash. In fact, I think the new FJ Cruisers have them. Good for serious off-roading. I know I've seen aftermarket versions around, but I don't know about digital. Here's a link I found with a quick search. I think it's for an ATV/UTV, so I don't know how it would mount in your truck... might look goofey. Well, now you've got me interested. I'll let you know if I find something better.


That's what I'm looking for. I'm trying to see what's out there because I plan on designing my own that's cool looking and not so goofy.
Okay, I found a few more links. The analog style from my first post seems to be the most prevalent type out there. I was interested to find a site that sells used inclinometers from the old Toyota 60 series LandCruisers. I was thinking it might fit in the blank panel on the overhead console, or maybe above the stereo/CD player on the blank where the nav-screen would go (I have an SE trim w/o nav or any aftermarket upgrade).
NO pretty graphics but here is a digital one.
toolcan said:
NO pretty graphics but here is a digital one.
That's pretty nice toolcan. I bet that unit would fit on the shelf above the stereo system on trucks w/o navigation. I imagine you can zero it to compensate for the truck having a little rake. $180 seems a little steep (forgive the pun!), but I like it a lot better than the versions I've linked in previous posts. That's a great find!
Here's some more information on that digital inclinometer...
Thanks being that I cannot post links yet.
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