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Anodize/chrome SAW's

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Anyone ever done this? Is it even an option. I have the magestic blue CC and thought it would look sweet if I could match it up
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Nevermind...just got off the phone w/Greg and he answered my question.
So you wana' disco up the SAW's?
FFtitan said:
Well? Whats the answer?
You could do it BUT on your own. They do not offer custom colors.

loufish said:
So you wana' disco up the SAW's?
HEHE..Kinda..Not worth it to me though. I just figured if they offered it, why not?
I would say if it were offered I would anodize them Black when I get them just to keep my "All Black" theme going, but the Red is all good with me. Not worth the extra time and hassle I guess...................
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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