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Another fog light question

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I searched but didn't see a previous thread. I want to replace my factory fog light housings just because my HID's ruined them. Switched to LED's so it doesn't happen again. Any feed back on quality OEM style housings?
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Yes they're factory. I bought the truck new. I'm pretty sure the HID's were 55w. Sounds like I'm going factory.
Im having a hard time finding OEM replacements online without the switch and harness. Any suggestions other than a dealer?
Mine are definitely plastic and definitely OEM. I found two part numbers from Nissan. One part number is the kit with switch and all that jazz and another is for just the housing. Left or right. The individual housing is damn near as much as the kit. Should I just buy the kit and shelf parts I don't need or am I missing something?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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