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Stopped by the dealership today to pick up my low profile truxedo cover.

Install was super easy. 30 minutes tops. I specifically ordered the mounts for the utilitrac system. They work great. You get 6, 3 for each side. Some said you only need two, but I used all three on either side. Better safe than sorry I guess. :)

I didnt understand what people were saying when they said install the utilitrac mounts before the side rails. After getting it all together and trying to put them back I understood... LOL! But, only had to loosen the rear two, move the truxedo mounts up, and put on the utilitrac mounts. Easy.

It looks great! The material seems a little thinner than the Access covers, but still seems great.

Truxedo seems to seal better than Access, especially in front and back.

Instead of adjustable plastic clips to hold the cover when rolled up on the Access, the Truxedo uses stretchy bands with hooks. I like that a lot better!

Other than those two differences (and the slightly lower profile), it's pretty much identical to the access cover. Very nice! Really cleans up the look of the truck!

I paid $389 at my dealer. That was "cost". I asked and he said "retail is something like 499 or 599. I didn't believe that, but it worked out to the same as getting it for $369 plus shipping. So I'm happy!
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