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Another intercooler bites the dust!!!

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Stillen replaced my supercharger a couple weeks ago, because I had gone through 3 intercoolers since August. Each replacement intercooler on the old supercharger only lasted about 1,400 miles. I got about 1,600 out of this one. After an hour of driving the res. level is half empty. Talked with Chuck at Stillen today, and apparently I'm the only one with the problem now. He's going to talk with the GM and get back to me. If any supercharger owners read this, check your intercooler res. level. Is it full? Do your resevoirs stay full, or are you having to add fluid on occasion? This just doesn't make any freakin' sense!!!
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Kronos1965 said:
Galen had something wrong with his intercooler but I can't remember what.
Galen's intercooler was replaced because the manifold was damaged during shipping. To prevent any internal damage to the intercooler from the jarring fall it must have taken we went ahead and sent a new intercooler along with the new manifold.
Tube and fin intercoolers are pretty much the standard intercooler for all forced induction kits in the industry. We have been using them since early 2003 when we came out with the first 350Z supercharger with no problem. Recently we had a couple of Titans specifically that experienced some leaking issues. In an effort to eliminate this problem we have decided to offer a bar and plate intercooler for the Titan Super Charger. Bar and plate heat exchangers by nature are much stronger and therefore almost impervious to leaks and cracks. They aren’t quite as efficient at cooling but the added strength/reliability is worth the trade-off in our mind for a super charger owner that will really “use” their blower.

This isn’t something that current owners need worry about as it seems to be a problem that only occurs on certain vehicles with certain kits. There really does not seem to be any commonality involved. We will offer the bar and plate as an upgradeable kit but it will not be a warranty item unless you experience a failure.
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You might have taken my post as being argumentative. I apologize for that, it was not meant to be at all.

We encourage people to use their superchargers as they were designed. Stand on it and have some fun.

I spent a lot of time in the desert and offroading around very rough terrain at high speed and in the boost with my truck and never had a single intercooler failure.

I am not trying to say that the intercooler failing is a result of your driving habits at all.

There is a running joke around Stillen that if I can't break it then no one can. And I never broke the intercooler so we know that it's not your fault, it's just an anomoly.

Just like the supercharger waiver and our instructions state. Part of owning a high performance part like a supercharger is keeping an eye on your coolant levels and routine maintenance. So I definitely encourage all supercharger owners to keep an eye out and regularly inspect your vehicles. That really goes for all owners of modified vehicles.
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