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Another intercooler bites the dust!!!

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Stillen replaced my supercharger a couple weeks ago, because I had gone through 3 intercoolers since August. Each replacement intercooler on the old supercharger only lasted about 1,400 miles. I got about 1,600 out of this one. After an hour of driving the res. level is half empty. Talked with Chuck at Stillen today, and apparently I'm the only one with the problem now. He's going to talk with the GM and get back to me. If any supercharger owners read this, check your intercooler res. level. Is it full? Do your resevoirs stay full, or are you having to add fluid on occasion? This just doesn't make any freakin' sense!!!
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chargedTitan said:
I've been searching online to try and figure out the differrence between the tube and fin style intercooler currently being used and the bar and plate style they will be switching to. From what I can see it does look like it would be much more efficient at doing its job. I just want one that doesn't dump coolant into my motor!

I'd forget getting the stillen intercooler, go with a GOOD aftermarket AMS intercooler they are well known in the racing market only problem is they are about 600.00 to 1,000 see if you can get stillen to pay for it for ur troubles..
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