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Another LED light conversion question

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I want to replace the utility lights that came with the high-utilty package with LED lights that are brighter. The first set of 194 flanks I tried are too dim. I also tried some Wide-LED (5 bulb) lights that were brighter but didn't do a good enough job.

Has anyone replaced these bulbs with something that's really bright? I'm not referring to the ones with the 3rd tail light, these are the ones at the tailgate.

BTW - we should probably make a sticky that lists the best types of LED (style) and quantity for the interior replacements. I ran into a minor problem with my map lights. The ones I got were the 6 LED and I had to bend the contacts outward slightly in order to get the bulb to fit. A 4 would have been fine but I was going for bright - i.e., I want daylight inside the truck when I need to see something. Somehow the kids always manage to drop something where no light reaches.
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I was thinking about replacing mine as well...let me know if you find anything.

I just did my interior too, much better.
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