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Another MP3 install

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This is very easy, take a two sided headphone jack and run it under your console behind the stereo, first you must remove the stereo/climate bezel. Once wire is routed, splice the end off of the plug, seperate both wires (insulated and non insulated), cut left and right speaker wires attached to Aux port leaving the black wire intacked. Wire non isulated to the white wire and the insulated to the brown wire (I'm color blind so I think it's brown ), plug the headphone jack into the MP3 player and your grooven through the AUX port with wires hidden. The holder is a cell phone holder I bought at Wally World for $7.99, I used heavy duty double sided 3M tape and attached to the suction cup disk that came with the kit, (I modified the disk with a dremel cutting one straight edge so it would fit in the compartmet on the side of the console) I then Super Glued the suction cup to the disk to hold it in place. The suction cup just wasn't enough. I also wired another cigerette lighter plug under the dash and ran the charging cables under the console as well. Just a note: you do not have to remove the console just tuck the wires up underneath between the bottom and the carpet all the way to the gass petal and up behind the dash. Sorry I didn't take pictures during the install it was one of those I'm bored spur of the moment deals.


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