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Hi All

Been lurking for a while doing research on the Titan and figured that since my truck is about to arrive, that I'd jump in.

Ordered my LE CC 4x2 on Jan. 5 and dealer says ETA is Mar. 9.

Big tow (for resale more than anything else)
Side air bags
Sunroof (wife's requirement)
DVD (result of wife's requirement)
Floor mats
Bed divider, extender, and lower tray

I got the Nissan VPP purchase deal, so the truck will be around invoice. Dealer also said he'd include other accessories at invoice: hood protector, rubber mats, bed tube rails, and tool box. I may also go ahead and get the X-pel applied to the painted parts of the front bumper.

Can't wait!!! (to get rid of this POS '97 Chevy Silverado 4x2 - it'll be the dealer's problem soon . . .)

Got burned by a Ford before the Chevy (had to replace transmissions in both right after warranty ran out, etc., etc.), and have never been a Mopar guy (traumatized by dad's string of Plymouth Satellite station wagons, I guess). Only other truck I was considering was the Tundra Double Cab, but that was no comparison to the Titan.

Hope to be on the road soon!

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A hearty welcome, Billin' Time! From the sound of your truckin past, man, you're gonna think you've died and gone to truck Heaven when Titan becomes a part of your life! Congrats! :cheers:
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