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Another new owner with an interesting module under his dash?

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Can someone help me identify who makes this particular module? The dealer I bought my car from was having trouble starting the car due to the lack of the key fob. Well they disconnected two wires and it started right up. Buuuut I wouldn't mind having a security alarm on the Titan, so need to find a fob for this specific alarm. There are no logos, nothing on the box. Just.. this thing with a ton of vampire clamps and some cut wires near the ignition.

Also! It's a 2008 Titan LC. :)
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Also as a note, it has a proximity sensor as well. So I'm assuming this is a safety switch that in case someone tries to make an attempt to start the car without the proximity remote it wont. That's probably why the dealership was having so much trouble. Scary how easy it was to bypass though, lol.

Figured out what those are called: Passive Proximity Immobilizer

Now I just need to find the company that makes mine.
I think that may be the factory immobilizer. But I'm not sure.
I had one of these on a used Altima i bought, it was just a dealer add on that cost them like $40 and they up sold them for some crazy price. It had a "special" key chain that had to be close to the sensor or it wouldnt start. It worked good until i noticed random other gadgets (cell phone, ipod) would allow for it to start.
Well looks like I'll be removing it and soldering the igniton connection back together. It's definitely not OEM, but I would have to agree with IbChris in that it's a dealer add-on. A very cheap one at that. Luckily enough it was done by the previous owner and wasn't taken out of my pocket. :)

Thanks guys!
Any chance on finding out who the previous owner was and contacting them??
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