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Another new Titan owner in Houston!

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Just bought my 2015 Texas Titan SV a week ago. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I am coming from Dodge, had a 2013 RAM. I did a lot of work on it. I spent some extra money and essentially bought everything I want in the new truck. I love the 5.6L V8. The only thing I think I am missing is leather and that is a quick fix. I had to take it into the dealership a week after purchase to get the radio updated (was having iPod connectivity issues). They also have to order me a new tailgate access panel because when i bought it the weather stripping was gone and they cannot just purchase the weather stripping. WHEW! Now all that has been said, any suggestions on what I could do to it? I am ordering a Truxedo roll up bed cover and a Ares chrome bull bar. I'm really excited about this truck. Any issues ya'll know about that I should keep an eye out for? Friendly tips? Thanks all! Hope to meet some great Titan drivers!
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Welcome aboard and congratulations on your purchase. The only issue with the Titan, don't read the mod section of this forum. By doing such will only deplete your bank account.
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Bank account? What's that? Is that where they keep the mythical beast known as money that only shows up on the rare day call payday?
Welcome from Cajun Bpipes!!!
Welcome to the forum :hi: Congrats on the purchase (bought my 2015 last August). What part of Texas? I'm from Harris County/Liberty County :)

You should check this out, it will come in handy

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