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Another Newbie

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I'm 21 and just purchased an '04 Nissan Titan SE from carmax about 2 months ago. I've wanted a Titan for a long time and finally got the opportunity to buy one. I've also scoped this site out quite a few times and decided to join. I want to add some nerf steps to my titan but don't know what and where and at what price any advice would be great! thanks guys!
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Welcome to the forums. For steps, check out ebay, just be smart about it and stick with reputable people; good feedback and paypal verified, that sort of thing. Also, if you can, support our site vendors(home page). They are what helps to keep sites like this going. There are two other Titan sites out there with people in the know(you may find used factory ones like I did). ClubTitan dot org and MightyTitans @ boardnation dot com. Lots of good guys out there willing to share info and advice as well as the great people here.
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