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Another Oldie but Newbie Here
Gday all, 2nd Nissan, 1st Titan. 2019 Nissan Titan Pro 4X.
Only a week but loving it so far. Good thing I did Not buy it for the Great Gas Mileage :) Bought it for the looks, dependability and the Price. Wife had a 2010 Frontier Crew 4X and it performed well. Bought a new Ford and the jury is still out. Wanted another truck and now we have one.
I'll add IF I have pertinent info but here to learn. Midwest Boy, SW Central Indiana, in the Boonies and loving it.
We Need the 4X for those Indiana Winters, a County Highway that does NOT Plow and 4+ miles of dirt & gravel that pass for roads. STAY SAFE, Ladies & Gentlemen.
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