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another one bites the dust

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after much debating and some sadness my titan hit the trading block. Had to trade her in for car to reduce my costs after the arrival of child (thank you south florida:flame:). If I had a crew cab, i would have been hard pressed to do it, but i only had a king cab.

she will be missed
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I have a KC with two sons aged 4 and five. Truck fits them great with room left over!
It is understandable. Sorry you had to do it. Don't be a stranger around here.:D
Man, that is tough. I don't know if i could make that decision. I just wouldn't feel right not driving a truck. I might compromise and get a big suv, but I wouldn't be able to drive around in a car everyday. But you got to do what you got to do.
(i swear i just heard something) i think the Armada is calling your name!
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