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Another satisfied customer from PRG Products

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Just ordered some new SAW coilovers and few other pieces form Greg, and can't begin to tell you how nice and professional he was. As a few members have posted on the board, I too had called a few months back and got the answering machine with no return call. And let's face it, we all have missed calls from time to time where we don't return messages. However, our conversation more than made up for it today. Greg spent 15 minutes with me this morning helping me decide what I need, and is fixing me up.

So another very satisfied customer! I can't wait to get it all installed!
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Ho Hum, no surprise.


He is great to work with. So, I'm not the least bit surprised. I'll be calling him when I need more stuff, like shocks and coilovers. He is THE MAN! :)
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