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Another Titan newb

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Hey gang. New Titan owner from up in the Great White North. Last two new personal trucks were 2010 GMC Sierra Crew 4x4 and a 2006 GM Sierra Crew 4x4. Had countless company Fords and GMs over the years, not a truck newb. The 2010 was supposed to be my "retirement truck"....babied since new, regular fluid changes, tri-yearly hand wax....then at 160,000 km (100,000 mi) everything just starts falling apart. I don't mind maintenance and minor repairs, but when the CAMSHAFT went out of the motor and it's always had synthetic oil, garaged, and not worked real hard....and GM wanted 6 grand to repair was time for a change. Wife has a 2011 Murano and we love it. Just rolled 100,000km and not a stitch of troubles. So I test drove a new Titan and bought 'er soon after. Have a AVS hood protector on it, AVS vent shades, 3M film on lowers and front of roof and have my LED mounted but not wired yet. Hopefully this turns out to be a solid truck. Feels good so far.
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Welcome to the forum.

Mayolo, I'm new also and can start threads. Choose the topic you want to post in and up in the right corner should be the plus symbol.

And that was 10th post so now I should be able to post some pictures
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