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It has been so long since I have posted. I don't know if I have updated but Titan has been doing great 06 black king cap with 75k miles did the Cajun 2 with uprev last year and no complaints.

Anyways, along comes a 2004 le crew cab on my local classifieds. I end up with the truck for $1000 canadian. At that price I figured I could go wrong. Now this truck doesn't run and has hit a tree but clean tittle and a few parts that I need for my daily driver. Already the headache rack and wiper cowl have been switched over.

My questions is it isn't running and from what I can tell it's the fuel pump. I checked the vin with Nissan and it has had the ipdm recall and fuel sending unit recal done. The previous owner had the fuel pump done but I think he used cheap parts and it has failed again. When I got it off the trailer it started and ran rough for 5-10 seconds then a couple times after that but never more than 10 seconds. Cranks strong just doesn't want to start. My plan is replace pump on sending unit and see what happens. What do you guys think?


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dude that thing is gross! I'd slave in a new pump and see how it goes. Then youre in what $1100 and some time?
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