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Need honest and educated opinions here. Have a pretty good handle on the situation but need some actual experience.

We are looking to upgrade our travel trailer. Dry weight is listed at 6700Lbs, tongue weight at 882Lbs.

We take along our kid at about 40Lbs, wife at 135Lbs, me at 195Lbs, 2 dogs at 170Lbs total, generator at 80Lbs, 5gal jerry can at about 50Lbs, fishing gear 30Lbs maybe. Total is 700Lbs and that does not account for all the small junk like CD;s, water bottle, snacks etc.

Truck is a 2005 LE CC 4x4 with Big Tow. It has a canopy. It has Timbren SES. Prodigy P3 brake controller. Powerslot fronts with Hawk pads. True Trac rear end. Numerous other mods.

We would be pullig this trailer through mountain passes couple times a year. May have to haul with a full fresh tank at some points (45gal).

Pushing the limits too much??

What do you think about the setup??
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