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Another Towing Question??????

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Ok new here. I am going to Ohio and towing a MGB Roadster back to FLA.... It weights about 1200LBS. The car trailer is about 1300LBS. Does anyone think I will have any trannie issues?? It is an LE so I do have the tow button. Can I leave it in D and use the tow button. First time towing with it and I do have the electric brakes for the trailer.. Its the red car on the right..


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2500 pounds? You won't even feel it back there. Tow mode only affects shifting RPM's of gears 1-3. Tow in 4.
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So don't worry about crossing over the mountains in Tenn, and W. VA? love that Tenn state!!
Can I tow the trailer empty in D on the way up????
Yeah that won't hurt you. Just keep an eye on it when going uphill and if you feel any bogging downshift. I've towed 4000 pounds all over east TN and you can barely feel it. No trailer brakes or anything fancy.
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That's a nice set of MG's. I used to own a '67 MGB GT. I used to say that any temperature below 60° F called for starting fluid to get it going.

I tow my Polaris Ranger 900XP though the mountains here in Colorado. Total towed weight is about 2300 lbs (trailer and Ranger) plus about 500 lbs of gear in the Titan. I have problems on some of the steeper sections with the transmission heating up. What has worked 100% of the time for me is to slow down to 45 MPH and keep the transmission in 3rd gear. Some of the grades are 11% at 9,000'+ elevation.
Think the largest grade you run into in TN is 5-6% (east of Knoxville) and only tops out at 3000 feet.
Thanks, the white one is my moms and the off red is my dads.... He restores them and gives them to relatives that help him out.. His way of saying thanks.. The white one I think is a 68..
Yep I know that mountain well.. I also used to live in Kingsport.. Loved to hit the races at Bristol...Pulled my 12 box pop up camper with my 02 grand Cherokee over it several times.. Slow going.. That's why I bought the Titan
I sometimes forget and leave mine in D. Usually don't really notice unless you get into a long uphill grade. Like stated, if you start losing too much speed or transmission starts hunting, just manually drop it into 4 or 3.
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