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antifreeze smell

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I was talking to the mech at the dealership the other day about this but got no good answer. Sometimes I can smell antifreeze but there are no leaks and it always runs cool. He (mech) said they had other reports with the same problem but never found anything, some kind of venting issue? Anyone else ran into this?
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dacyj said:
Yeah, my heater core is going out! I need to get a new one but I cant find any online and was told it was going to cost me $1100 bucks to take it to a shop, Ive googled it, ebayed it and no luck. Any one know a web site that has parts let me know.
Go to forum page and find a site sponsor who is a dealer. Locally, you may find a radiator supplier in the phone book. We have one called Radiator Warehouse, that sells wholesale, to anyone. Much better price than auto parts store would give. Bigs savings.

Heater core replcement can be more involved than a radiator on some vehicles. Lots of dash parts to get out of the way, and you work in a tight place, so it is a bit more tediouis.
artacus said:
Same here a few months ago in my 05. Turns out my radiator cap was leaking a bit ( splatter stains on the hose and engine cover). Just went and got a new one, about 13-14 bucks.
It is important to note on threads like this, that our radiator cap is not a normal one. It is not a typical pressure relieving cap, just a cover. It must be replaced with same type of cap to maintain OEM design. I've not found an aftermarket that matched. The Plastic cap on the overflow bottle, is a Pressure and Vacuum cap design.

I believe the smell of antifreeze is either a result of that cap when relieving pressure and fumes (but not spraying fluid) or possibly the Radiator cap, since it does have a rivet in the top, and may allow fumes at high presure.

I get no spray, but do smell antifreeze many times. I've already replaced my cap, and see no evidence it is faulty.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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