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Any advice on cheaper dual exhaust setups?

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I have just purchased a 2006 Titan King Cab. And I absolutely love it. One owner, 167k miles, and the owner put some sweet after-market mods into it.
One of the things he has done is put in an aftermarket exhaust, and it is... LOUD. It's plenty of fun when lighting em up from a stop. But on the highway it is quite loud, bordering on unbearable, and I have neighbors who I would like to not completely despise me.
I am looking at putting in an aftermarket exhaust, but something a little less loud, and putting the tailpipe further back. The current setup has the exhaust leaving right below the cab. I am currently looking for a cheap-ish, dual exhaust system. I believe I need the muffler, because if there is one on it, it sure as hell doesn't sound like it. I am looking at something like this, from ebay, which seems to have just about everything I need, except instructions.
On the other hand, for double the price, I can get something like this from Car ID with instructions, installation videos, and customer support.
Does anyone have any experience with these cheaper exhaust systems? Is it worth double the price to get something from a reputable seller?
Is there something else out there that is closer to the ebay price, but has more support like the $600 system?
Is there something I should look for when I have the truck on jacks to see what it is exactly that I need to purchase to quiet down the system? It is currently the middle of winter, and I am in Maine. I am hoping to have it up on jacks as little as possible, as I have no garage, and we get our driveway plowed.
Any insight y'all have would be much appreciated.
I'm not dead set on dual exhaust, however I would like to have it exiting behind the bed. I also can not find any inventory around here for a salvage yard with a titan in stock.
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oh man, you need to just get some pipe from an exhaust shop, your choice of muffler, and light that welder up.

or, check the for sale section here. someone listed an exhaust yesterday, i think. it might have been for a second gen but maybe first gens on there too?

how much is it from a shop?

i have not tried anything from carid, so i don't know but i have bought headers for bmws and mini coopers off ebay and they were fine.
I haven't priced it out from a shop yet. I am pretty set on doing it myself, but would have no clue where to start if I didn't buy a kit. Do you happen to know of any good resources that show what I would need to do in order to cut and weld an exhaust pipe to fit properly? I assume I would need hangers and such as well.
There are a lot of threads on here about Gen1 Titan exhausts. One of the best for sound and power is the JBA, but I'm not sure on availability right now on that item. If you still have the stock y-pipe (from the pipes with the cats in them connects to a single inlet to the muffler) you could just get a good muffler and have a shop weld you up a tailpipe. Interestingly, the Titan doesn't do as well with duals as it does with a single out, power- and sound-wise. If you're just set on duals, get two mufflers and have a shop price out welding you up a one-off using mandrel bent tubing. Might be surprised what a couple of $100 mufflers and some tubing can be had for.
Not set at all on dual. I just like the look of em. I will look in to that! Thank you!
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