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Any advice?

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Finally got time to put my RC 3" leveling kit on but have a couple questions. First, how long should it take for a couple of guys to do this since we have a lift to use? Im doing the 3", and reaplcing the struts and coils (162,000 on the originals), 1.5" blocks md new rear shocks. The only part im stressing about is the UCAs.
Second, on an 06 4x4, do I need the camber bolts? Ive read a few things , and ive seen some people say 06s dont need them, others say they do. Any advice will help. Appreciate it guys!!
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As far as time. Depends on several factors. Are you compressing the new springs your self? The UCAs can be a pain to replace.

I have the rc 3 inch kit and I did not need new cam bolts on my 06. I had ordered them just in case but never needed them.
Great on the bolts, I was hoping not. I shouldnt have to compress the springs, I bought new ones and RC said the spacers are direct bolt on, shouldnt even have to rotate the strut to realign the bolt holes. The new strut I bought is already compressed into a new spring, so should be just bolt in. Or am I wrong here?

If you bought a combo strut and spring set they may be one piece. The spacer is bolt on but the the strut still has to be turned because the spacer has three bolts and the strut has 3 bolts that connect to the spacer. They are on top of one another.

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