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Stopped by my Nissan dealer to pick up my licence plates...while
they were looking for them... %#@*)?....I test drove an LE Armada.

Having owned more than a few late model Suburbans/Yukons I thought
it might be fun to compare the trucks. The Armada wins hands down.
The IRS makes the Armada drive and handle a lot smaller than it is
plus all the great attributes of the Titan's drive train apply to this
vehicle. The dash has more "soft touch" areas than the Titan but overall
is still quite bland in comparision to others. Nissan could use some
more creative juices in their interiors.The Armada leather is different
than the Titan LE's...maybe a little softer. The rear side window's
"slantyness" look has grown on me and now I like it. Taut suspension
but not rough. It felt well planted.

If you are in the market for a full size SUV, I suggest you drive the
GM & Ford products first then the'll know in a couple
minutes that the Armada offers much more refinement overall..just
like the Titan. BTW this unit had rear buckets..I prefer the bench seat
in the rear.

I'm tempted now..........

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Thanks for the review!

There doesn't seem to be many people out there who want truck like qualities in an SUV body style. I pull a race trailer on the weekends and do more SUV type stuff during the week. I also prefer the SUV body style when trailering since I have plenty of space for gear that is accessible from inside the truck while moving and is protected from the weather. Oh yeah and you can sleep in the back if you have to!

I'm gonna be in the market soon for an SUV. I've been looking at the Suburban 2500, but think I'm gonna wait to see if they put the DuraMax in it soon. The 6.0 would probably suffice, but I'm itchin' for a diesel.

Rumour has it when the new Toyota full-size truck comes out there may be a "Suburban" type version with the possibility of a Hino diesel as an option.

I just don't see why so many people with needs similar to mine feel that a pickup is the best solution. Or maybe it's because nobody builds one!

Except the Ford Excursion....
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