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BTC has had a CRAZY run over the past six months. I'm interested to see if any other members of this forum have invested in or otherwise been involved with the original cryptocurrency.
With the value currently at $120, and the insane influx of ASIC hashing power entering the network, the (immediate, at least) future of BTC doesn't look too bad.
And Germany making that official announcement the other day only strengthened public perception.

This market dashboard shows that despite the volatility the value has steadily risen:

Bitcoin Markets - The Genesis Block

But, like any other investment, only put in what you ARE PREPARED TO LOSE. With that said, I look at BTC the way one might have looked at Apple or Microsoft circa the early '80s - I'd rather lose a little now than kick myself 10 or 20 years down the line. :computern

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Its making someone rich, I guarantee you. I have a friend who is serious about mining, has an entire room in his house rigged up for it. Crazy stuff, huge AC running 24/7 in there to keep things cooled, ect. at one point he was doing well, and told me he was mining about $6k a month, but he should have bailed on the bubble in 2017. Last we talked it was all going to Sh%t, costing him more in electric than he was making. I Bought in for $500 a while back, But I got in high on the upswing in 2017, and should have bailed on the bubble as well when it rocketed to 15K or something like that. If you were in prior to the bubble, you done good...... I was in the mindset that there was the potential for an even higher spike, and held on to it. Now I'm basically going down with the ship. My account is showing $45 today, but like the OP said, only invest what you can afford/expect to lose. I guess theres a reason they say that!
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