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Any Idaho Titan owners???

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I'm new to Titan Talk and I just wanted to see if there were any Titan owners on the forum that are here in Idaho. I live in Boise and wouldn't mind doing a little off-roading with others who have a passion for Titans. I know of quite a few good muddin' holes that I use to take my Xterra through. PM or post back!!!!!
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Yeah, I have a Titan and also live in Boise.. I need to take some pics of my 07 CC... Level kit , 20'' D E black chrome wheels by american racing, D C tires.. Under cover Tonau, tinted windows, bug shield, firestone air bags... fifteen K Reese slider hitch which I dont use the slider It was free so I cant complain... With the side winder device it changes the pivot point further rear. The trailer does not hit my cab... And MUCH cheaper than a Superglide Under $800 verses the $2400 plus for the superglide...
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