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Any New Mexico Titans?

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I'm Abq, and was curious to see what Titan owners are on here. You may have seen me around, I'm the silver Titan. Oh that's right, there's a million silver titans. Any pics out there?
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Farmington here. Brand new '11 pro-4x in white. No real mods yet, only had it 2 weeks. Do have nerf bars, rhino liner, and bed extender installed though. Plan to install powder coated black bed rails and black bull bar ASAP. Then possibly have the wheels powder coated at some point.

Can't post pics atm laptop is packed for a roadtrip. Will ASAP.
I bought my Silver 04 KC SE in Albuquerque back in 08 :)
I am from Espanola but live in mesa, az now. I go back a few times a year.
Pics. Planning on getting the Bed Rails within the month. Depends on how bills hit.


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I know the post is old, but i was just thinking of putting a thread for new mexico titans so i looked to see if one already existed and wala here it is. I live in Deming NM and i have a brother living in Albuquerque so i go down pretty often.


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im in Las Cruces...
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