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Any new words on HID brands or recommendations??

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just wondering if anyone has any new info on HID kit, pnp, etc... specifically brands and type of install.:cheers:

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I did the ebay thing, I bought expensive headlights (9006) from a u.s. dealer, then bought a cheap (880) kit for my fog lights. I cant tell the difference. I am now in the process of stocking up on some spare ballasts and a set of bulbs. I wasn't impressed with my foglight 6k color, it turned out too blue imho. I won a set of 4k's coming soon. I have 6k's on my low beams and love them. So goin g expensive on a hid kit... well don't know if its worth it. The slim ballasts are starting to come out, but I can replace my hid kits pretty cheap if say a ballast goes out or a bulb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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