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Anybody find this survey odd, at least the timing of it?

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I purchased my 2017 Pro4X three weeks ago. I already got a detailed survey about the truck. Most of the questions were about reliability and many were asking me what type of specific problems I have had. This was not the survey about the dealership and how they handled my sale. I chose this Titan for a reason. I've owned many Nissan vehicles, including a Titan and knew this brand and this truck was what I wanted. I just don't understand why they don't wait more than a few weeks to hit you with a survey that should be given after a minimum of 6 months, 12 months being even more informative. One questions had a long list of specific problems and asked if I had experience any of these issues and how often. Where they fixed by the dealership, etc. Granted, not a big deal, as I like to do surveys of any type. Anyone else find the timing of this odd?
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