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anybody have a VPP hookup ???

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C plan? D plan? i'm really trying to get into an 08 altima, and it may not happen w/o VPP. i'm a poor college student.....if that helps. lol.
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what's VPP?
06_SMOKE_SE_CC said:
what's VPP?
Vehicle Purchase Program

Basically, it's a discount that Nissan provides to employees of business affiliates. It gives you the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle for a little bit under the invoice without any haggling or any real effort.
JohnnyEgo said:
Vehicle Purchase Program
without any haggling or any real effort.
no real effort, that's what i'm all about. lol.
I might be able to get you a number if you can get me a free JBA catback:cheers:
lol! i'd like to, but the reason i need the number is that i'm flat broke. haha. i might be willing to trade for, say, a lightly used aluminum billet grill? i'll even throw in a titanium shift knob and titanium pedal-covers!!

seriously tho, are you even able to transfer it? i've been looking into it and it appears that you pretty much have to be a family member of the person w/the number...
well, i just ran the numbers. if i only drive 12K miles/year, at $3/gallon, the difference between driving the Titan and driving the Altima is roughly $1,435/year. at $4/gal, it's about $1,914. that makes the total difference over 5 years $7,180 (at $3/gal), and $9,573 (at $4/gal). i don't even want to think about what the difference would be if gas gets over $4/gallon, (which wouldn't surprise me over the next 5 years). Those are some pretty scary numbers folks! at least to me.
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