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Anybody like this Chevy grille?

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I posted this over at CT,too: I've been seeing them on the new '08s and I wonder if Dan could fab one. I think that it would look great in back powdercoat. Check it here:

I like it a lot!

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i do like that grille.
Ya, I'ts not bad looking..
I've already suggested that he do a diamond pattern where the lines follow the lines of the OEM grill. The idea behind it is that the diamond pattern would disguise the OEM grill lines and that the diamond size can even be smaller. This was a sent to him a few months ago. I am a little disappointed that I have not even received an email reply to the request.
no its different from the street scene... its more of a woven wire look. those are great. i have been in love with that kind of grille since i saw it on my boss' 2007 bentley coupe!!! thats what i would do... if i didnt already make mine look so bad *** w/ the autobots logo, hahahaha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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