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Anybody need a BAKFlip G2 trifold bed cover?

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Hello Everybody,

I posted this elsewhere on the site (sorry if it's repetitive).

Anyway, my 2016 XD is being bought back under lemon law. I have a brand new, unopened, in the box, BAKFlip G2 trifold bed cover. I had one on my Tundra which was great (both items). I have no use for this cover, paid $819, and am willing to sell it for a reasonable loss. Nissan was unwilling to buy it back as part of the suit.

Anyway, the truck was so ill behaved that, 1 - it wasn't around enough to spend time on installing it, and 2 it's being lemon lawed. So, screw it! I put it in the barn an waited until Nissan either offered me a replacement (no, thank you) or my money back (thank you, and bye). I went for the money, and ran to another make.

I hope everybody had a great new year, and please let me know if you're interested in picking up this bed cover. I have another one on order for the new truck.

Cheers, Karl
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Karl, off topic but, what dealer is getting your lemon back? Just curious.
Where about are you located?
Where about are you located?
His other post mentioned Scranton Pa. area
ah thanks
Hi Everybody,

Yes, I'm near Scranton (Waverly, PA to be exact - zip 18471). The dealer who is taking the actual truck back, from what I understand, is the closest to my house - this would been Tom Hesser near Scranton, now with a new store in Dunmore, PA. I've also worked with Ken Pollock in Wilkes-Barre, PA, as well as Abeloff in the Stroudburg, PA vicinity. All of the aforementioned dealers have been fantastic to deal with, with Pollock being the cream of the crop.

Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Karl
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well if you havent sold your bed cover ill give you 400 for it. sounds like a reasonable loss to me
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