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Anybody painted front bumper end cap?

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Tried to clean off some tar/sap on the driver side bumper end cap and it bubbled up/cracked. Will eventually fall off, touch up paint on the way, but will only be temp. till I can get painted. Anybody ever had one end cap painted. Truck is fairly new 2015, silver with 11, 400 miles on it. Think it can be matched?
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Thanks, I actually have looked at replacement end caps online that are ready for paint. Would rather drop that off than the entire truck. This is my 2nd Titan, never had to do this with the 2004. Will use vegetable oil next time to remove goop, tar, sap, etc... Works well with sticker residue on the window, and natural/ gentile. Can't believe the paint bubbled, cracked, and now turned white. I made sure to use soap and water to gently wipe off the sap remover that bubbled the paint. Then waxed it really gently to protect it till I can fix it. Kinda bummed, but such is life.
Thanks again for the info.
Actually looks now like it might just be the clear coat that bubbled up. Has gotten flatter and looks a fraction as deep.
Took truck to Franchise paint shop. They needed it 2 days and would cost 150 to 175. Then took truck to custom car place I had do work on my 2004 Titan and my 2008 350Z (both gone now). I went there to get look into my headlights being modified to HID. While truck was there they said they could do the paint on the end cap.
When they had it to do the headlights, they told me that when doing the paint and they started sanding, the spots came up and the paint was not affected underneath. The old can of tar/sap remover had basically fossilized the tar/sap. They buffed everything out and it is as good as new. Whew!
Nice, that looks great, good job. I would be proud if I could do that myself. I will keep that site in mind for the next time.
Never thought of that, great idea. Might be an option when the roof starts to go.
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