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Anybody painted front bumper end cap?

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Tried to clean off some tar/sap on the driver side bumper end cap and it bubbled up/cracked. Will eventually fall off, touch up paint on the way, but will only be temp. till I can get painted. Anybody ever had one end cap painted. Truck is fairly new 2015, silver with 11, 400 miles on it. Think it can be matched?
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Yes I have replaced both of mine twice now. Once for tar and once for road debris. I would advise that you pick up a new panel from the dealer, they come with primer coat only. Then take that to your local body shop and have them paint it with matching paint from the paint color code on your hood label. It is not really hard to replace but if you are not handy then have the body shop replace it too. Good luck and it will look good as new again.
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