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I've been using my iPod via the Aux plug with the stereo cable from Radio Shack. I think it was only $5 for a 6ft cable. I also have the iTrip for using in my Z3 but haven't tried it in the Titan since I have the cable. I think using with the Aux plug is better as I tend to have interference using the iTrip in the car. No matter which station it's tuned to the radio inevitably picks up something!

I have experienced the difference in the volume level using the Aux plug but will see if it is any better with the iTrip. At any rate, I'll most likely continue to use Aux and adjust the volume accordingly. I'm getting use to it as I have been playing the iPod quite a bit!

A friend found the gel covers for the iPod that actually keep it from sliding on the dash or console lid and makes it easier to operate than the Belkin cover I was using. He also saw the cup holder stands -- all at CompUSA [near the PDA section].

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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