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Anyone ever heard of Wynn's?

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The shop i use has a deal with Wynn's for transmission flushing equipment. Just wondering if anyone hear has heard of them or their products?
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nope not kidding never heard of them but then I have never been a moterhead hahaha. Just wondering if their tranny stuff is good or should I take it to the dealer for the flush.
so is a wynn's flush for $119 a good deal? I assume that includes new fluid I have not asked yet. Will it be bad if it si not the Nissan fluid matic J ?
well the guy who has the wynn system does not have a atf that is compatable with the matic J nor does the stealership have a flush machine!! I talked to the guy at AAMCO and he said if I bring the fluid he will change it out for $40. I can get matic J from California cheaper than buying it here!! He also said he does not believe in doing "flushes" with a flushing type product because some of it always gets left behind. The stealership will do a drain and fill for $89 which changes 4-5 quarts I think so now I really do not know what to do. Any ideas out there.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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