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As the title says, has anyone ever replaced the differential lock connector piece on the rear axle? Nissan part #38471-8S16A (See the attached image). I'm wondering how involved it is, and whether I can tackle it myself or should take it to a shop.

Long story short- I have a dual exhaust and had my muffler replaced. Apparently the shop shifted the post-muffler pipes just enough to contact the wiring harness coming from the body down to the rear axle, thereby melting half of it. I tried to disconnect the plugs from the axle to reroute the harness, but the diff lock connector piece broke rather than release (Stupid design in my book, a 90 degree piece of plastic down there is just asking to break when touched). There are bare wires running through this piece that were exposed when it cracked, so there's the potential of a short circuit in wet conditions if the locker is engaged.

I attempted to fill the crack with some liquid electrical tape, but it's a questionable fix. This piece connects straight to the axle housing, but I don't know what the internal setup looks like. There's brand new fluid in my differential, so I'm trying not to break it open just for investigative purposes. It's not an urgent fix, but I hate when little things like this are wrong with the truck.

So...any thoughts?


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