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anyone going to otv

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a couple of guys and i are going to caravan down just wondering if anyone elese wants to tag along :redblob"
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whats otv?
it is a huge titan truck meet
If your goin I-10 I'm in. When do you plan on goin?
The wife and I are going.
We'll be leaving DFW sometime Wednesday (preferebly B4 Rush hour traffic)
kronos2 said:
whats otv?
Old Town Five (OTV)
here's a link
kopper are u driving strait though or whats ur plans?
bottlebaby said:
kopper are u driving strait though or whats ur plans?
Sorry for the late reply (TT doesn't send me notifications, I hang around the CT and MT guys)

I plan on leaving Wednesday sometime, spend the night somewhere, drive the remaining distance on Thursday, sleep in on Friday morning and be Fresh and ready for the Friday night cruise!!! (old people need more sleep!!) lol

We have reservations at the Seralago hotel for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
sounds good i am staying at the comfort inn i think
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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