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anyone gone back to halogens?

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Well one of by hid bulbs gave out and it just sucks to have to trouble shoot between the ballast and the bulb. having to take apart the front grille and headlights is not much fun specially when the tabs break off. every winter when it gets cold the lights also flicker a lot which is annoying. once the bulb or ballast warms up they go steady again. anyone gone back to halogens because of problems you've had with hids?
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My passenger headlight went out a couple weeks ago...I ordered new lights, only to realize it was the ballast. I now have ordered a completely new kit through ArmaDen, along with some LEDs. I can't imagine going back to stock after having the benefit of HIDs for the past few years.

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I never had to remove the grille or headlights to install the HIDs. I just went through the wheel well.

My HIDs are about 3yrs or older now. I ordered a new HID kit a few months ago as a spare.

I would never go back to Halogens.
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