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Anyone Got VPP?

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want to buy an 08 armada.... just curious if anyone had a VPP number they could give me to help me out...
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A what number?
vehicle purchase plan..... for nissan employees and friends...
good luck - I wouldn't pass out mine if I had one.

Besides, according to a bunch on this site, they are getting their Titans far cheaper than VPP. Some are claiming 8K below MSRP which makes it much cheaper than VPP. I know as I paid VPP for mine.
had a vpp # when i bought my 07 titan in the spring. got a better deal at the dealership than that. You can probably do the same for an Armada. Get your info. about trade value [if you have one] and the invoice price on the Armada you want, go to the dealer and see if you can work a deal you like. good luck
Deals Done!!! not much different than VPP (by figuring the price based on the VPP website.. SO HAPPY!!
Congratulations on the Armada!
I used mine @ month ago & got just about $9,000 off with adding rebate...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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