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Anyone have Moto Metal Wheels?

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I was looking at XD Revolvers, but they aren't even in production yet. Now I have decided to look at the Moto Metal 957's Matte Black.

Anyone had or seen these on a Titan? If so, thoughts?

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Those look sweet. I was considering the Moto Metal 951b. Now that I see these im not too sure. :huh:
Yeah, I just saw them yesterday. Still letdown about the Revolvers, but I have tires waiting for me in the garage and I'm ancy.
I don't think there will be pics on the black just yet. They were released about three days ago. At least that's what my supplier said.
I ended up getting the black ones I posted. They will be on tomorrow, so hopefully I can add some pics this weekend.
Well as a heads up to anyone considering those wheels above, I dropped the truck off last night and took a peek at them. The picture is misleading as the f'ing center cap was chrome. That makes no sense to me how something would be that drastic of a change.

Is this normal for a wheel company to post a pic and then change it without updating?
Actually, yes it is. I deal with wheel companies due to where I work. They have a tendency to do stuff like that, and mainly at the worst time. Get the shop you ordered from to call and see if you can get the black caps.
I talked with them and hopefully they heard the tone of the classic "not what I ordered" in a polite way. They do have black caps, but apparently since the wheels are so new, there wasn't a part number to make sure black caps were included. In theory, they should be here next week.
I have a set of Moto Metal 951b wheels with Copper STT tires for sale under the Buy / Sell section. You guys let me know if you may be interested.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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