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Anyone have problems with the visors?

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I have a problem that drives me nuts and I haven't seen anyone else mention it. My visors stay in place from the stowed position down to a vertical position. But if I try to push it toward the windshield from there it flops back down. The only way I can use it to block the sun is to have it pointed toward me. The problem is the same even if I release the visor from the hook and rotate it toward the door window. I have never had another vehicle with this problem. The dealer said they would tighten them the first time I complained - I don't know how because there isn't any adjustment screw. Didn't work anyway. The second time they told me over the phone they were fixed but when I picked it up I noticed the service ticket said they couldn't duplicate the problem. Boneheads. The next time I have to take the truck in for something I'll take them out there and personally show them the problem but I'd like to know if this is a common problem or if it's just mine.
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Heck, I don't think I've ever even flipped mine down! :lol: Seriously! I am kind of sensitive to light since my eye operation and wear sunglasses most all the time, so I don't usually need the visors. They should NOT flop down, though. That's something they really need to fix or replace if they can't be Titaned!
I noticed the exact same thing Monday coming back from Myrtle Beach. It was the first time I've noticed it. Truck is only a few months old.

I'll have to have them fix it when I take it in.
Mine work fine. There must be a screw that you can tighten. Too late to go look now but there must be something.
My 04 Titan had this problem I took it in for 2 brand new visors took care of the problem:rockon
BigJ said:
My 04 Titan has this problem I took it in for 2 brand new visors took care of the problem:rockon
That's pretty much what I figured. Now if I can just get the dang dealer to acknowledge the problem...

Thanks guys.
My 07 has this issue. Never even thought to bring it to the dealer to fix. Perhaps I will.
Mine has the problem but I am under my extended warranty. I think the $50 deductable wojuld be more than the visor.
the visors in these things are about useless.
jtmvol said:
the visors in these things are about useless.

Unless you do what i did and put some tv's up there!!!!!!


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I have a Mine and it have a problem but i do not worry about it because
it is currently under the warranty period
Mine are fine.

And visors useless????!!?!!?!?WHAT!!!?!?! The greatest thing about these visors is the little extension pullout. Greatest invention ever. The sun always finds it's way to the one spot on the window that the visor can't block....but with the super extendo-thingy..problem solved.

Wish my dang car had those...
I took mine in to show them this problem and they ordered some part to fix it - not sure what. A week later they called me and said my parts were in. I brought the Titan in during lunch and before I could finish my 1/4 pounder w/ cheese it was ready to go. Works perfect now. They did not replace the visors, must be something mechanical in the hinge.
haven't had this problem i have noticed that when my visors are up out of use they seem to flop alittle like they are not tight doesn't bother me that much but im sure it will get worse eventually so i think i need to go ahead and get the stealership to fix it
Mine will not go all the way forward to the windshield either. I had just always accepted this as a design flaw. I can use the supplemental one and get it to go all the way forward, but the main one is a no go. It doesn't flop down, it's as if something is limiting it's movement that far forward.
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