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Anyone here try to mod the crew cab's rear seat.

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I was thinking of using spacers to move the whole seat toward so the back rest can gain more room to recline more. But after a brief look at the mounting points it didn't seem to be possible. Ideas are appreciated.
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I don't think the seats will recline any further even if you move them forward. you'd have to modify the seat backs to recline further, not sure how to do that. also, there are latches to hold them in place since they fold down, you'd have to mod the bracket as well.

seems like a lot of work for a guy that will never ride in his back seat :cheers:

p.s. i bought the cc because all my 6' plus friends can ride comfortably
Yeah, I thought about the latches too but I have to be able to move the seat forward first before I can figure out what to do about the latches.

The back is large enough for my 3 kids but for 6-10 hrs drive skiing trips, my kids refer to ride in the van which I didn't buy for that purpose.
Check the audio section some guys have done it to fit audio gear but its not to be taken litely.

I'd buy either a stick or a DVD/PSP/Nintendo DS to shut the kids up depending on your views of positive vs negative reinforcement.

heh heh

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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