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Anyone in SoCal buy a Leer or A.R.E shell?

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Kind of an off the wall question, but I'm wondering if anyone happens to know of any dealers that might carry one in-stock. We're heading out of town for Thanksgiving and I wasn't planning on taking my truck, but that may change. The local Leer dealer says it'll take 2 weeks to get one and we're heading out a week from Saturday. Doh!

I need a shell so that the dogs and luggage are protected, the cab will be full of the wife, 2 kids, and myself.

It's a long shot, but you never know. We just want to avoid driving the wife's van since we have a buyer for it and don't want to risk unforseen damage and the additional miles. :D
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Good luck trying to find a dealer that has it in stock for your truck, most places will take 2 to 3 weeks, they have to take your codes off your truck to verify fit and color match, I bought a tonneau cover and had to wait 2 weeks for it!
I went with the ARE lid.....they look great and the workmanship is good luck on the shell
Looks like I may have gotten really lucky. I'm trying to get in touch with glennk about his SnugTop he put up in the for sale section.

Local paint shop would be able to color-match and guarantee it for life for $350 and also get it done before we head out of town the following weekend since we really do need it by then, otherwise we won't have enough room with the wife's van for what we'll be bringing back.

Crazy timing, I tell you what.
Here's my new Leer 100 SQ, very happy with it TOOK ME A MONTH !
sorry I'm in southern Colorado:smoke:


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glennk's top is at the body shop getting color-matched as we speak, it'll be ready on Wednesday. Woo!

Already had it on my truck once (to bring it home), it's cherry. Only problem is my ATV won't fit in the bed of my truck now. Doh.
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