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Anyone installed two Vibrant UQ on single exhaust?

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I have JBA LT headers, Berks B pipes, JBA Catback exhaust with an VibrantUQ behind the muffler. At first I feel in love with the way it sounds, pretty mean, and the neighbors know its me pulling up to the garage. Within the last few years I've been going on some long distant back country travels to bow hunt elk. I reside in Minnesota but head out to western Colorado most of September and northern Minnesota the remaining hunting season. With these long trips I am missing having a quite ride. I currently seek comfort in something that I spend alot of time in.

The young Timmy would kick old Timmy's *** for saying this.

Wondering if installing a second Vibrant UQ too dull exhaust noise without suffering performance? If so where is the best place to install it? The only room I can see is in front of the muffler.
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