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Anyone recognize this 2013 Pro-4X?

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Hi all,

Just picked up a 2013 Titan Pro-4X after over 14 years of driving my beloved 1997 Pathfinder. That Pathfinder turned me into a loyal Nissan fan.

Anyways, this Titan is somewhat unique- glasspack dual exhaust, and bed liner sprayed along the side skirts and over the entire tailgate. I've heard of bed liner on the skirts before, but never on the entire tailgate. So I figured any Titan enthusiast would remember seeing something like this. Apparently this truck spent most of its life in Saskatchewan, Canada before coming down to the US.

I'm in Golden, CO and will be taking this truck on some excellent adventures in the rocky mountains and the nearby deserts.

Apparently I can't post pictures on my first post, I'll try responding to this post to up my count.
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Here are some pics:


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Haha, thanks!
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