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Anyone running -12 offset?

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Since the alignment shop damaged my wheels recently, I've been thinking about changing up offsets. I searched, but this doesn't seem to be a super popular offset. Everyone seems to go from around 0 to -24.

Currently I have 20x9 wheels with a +1 offset on Toyo MT 35's. Did minimal trimming and I do not have any rubbing issues at this time.

Wondering what going to a -12 offset would do to me. Anyone have any pictures?
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I'm running a 20x10 -18 offset an before i went taller i rubbed pretty bad. Never did the pwm tho
i'll be running a -24mm offset on 20x10's. wondering if i'll have any rubbing issues? haven't seen too much of anyone running -12mm?
I had some spacers on my back tires to go from +12 to -12 and would have kept them and gotten two for the front if I wasn't stupid. Wheel fell off because I didn't tighten the lugs tight enough, but I really liked the look.

For reference, +12mm is the same backspacing as OEM wheels and will stick the wheel out 1 inch farther from the fender on a 9" wide wheel.

-12mm offset is ~1" farther out from the wheel well than +12mm. (1" is about 25mm).

Having trouble loading pictures but as soon as I have time to figure it out I'll post the before and after.
Had a set of 17x9 with -44mm offset on my last Titan and didnt rub. Had a LT kit on it though...
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